Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes

Here I sit at an internet cafe, using their free internet to update my blog.  My family can tell you that this is a far cry from the Judy that left Little Rock last Monday. But as they say here, TIA (This is Africa). Most everything is different here, so why not a change of attitude? Like, why worry when 30 dirty children crowd around me to hug me? Or to feel my hair? Or to be so anxious to get near me that I have to stand firm to keep my balance?  I am a curiosity, but I am also someone who they know cares for them. Their smiles and shining eyes when they greet me confirm that. We have a connection that defies the language barrier.
When in Kigali...why not ride a moto-taxi? So I packed my laptop in my (big) purse and hopped on the back of a motorcycle (sorry Dad!). My friend and I negotiated a price and here we are. There are several of the students with us at the cafe, so we will all head home together. On the ride over I wondered, are these crazy drivers or are they actually the best drivers on earth. What looks like chaos really works well and I have yet to see an accident.
I, like most of you, am so used to getting what I want when I want it. Now, internet has to be scheduled. Meals come at predetermined time. Lunch and dinner are guaranteed to have a small portion of meat, rice, potatoes or bananas and a vegetable. Dessert is always fruit. One shower and toilet is shared among 5 of us. And I have roommates again. Celia, Cindy and I are in a 3 bed room. It is a nice arrangement, but I miss my own bed and bath! 

Many of you know my aversion to having dirty feet. That is now a thing of the past. Wearing sandals to walk on dirt roads guarantees grimy feet. And when the trucks drive past, dirty everything. I am in Africa, so I try to go with the flow. And appreciate the simple things. And be grateful for the home I have to return to.


  1. Teacher Judy, the effort you're putting forth to maintain this blog is MUCH appreciated! Each post is a treasure.

    (Note to readers: Scroll through the older posts....pictures have been added!)

  2. looks a little like the old attic :)