Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Something's in the Air

Leaving Little Rock on an American Eagle flight, we had a special sense of closeness! But what a change when we boarded a 737 to travel from Chicago to Brussels! We were all excited and found it hard to get much sleep. And then there was our precious friend who traveled with us, little Princess...8 hours on a plane is a little much to ask of a 15 month old. When Princess was happy, she had every row behind her charmed. But when she grew tired, there was only one place she found contentment (and quiet), wrapped onto her mother's back. This is quite common in Africa and as long as the babies are tied to Mom, they are quiet and happy.

Boarding in Brussels, we were surprised to see that most of the people on our flight to Kigali and Entebbe, Uganda were Caucasian. There were several other groups traveling to do mission work and some business travelers. Rwanda is a country that is eager to advance and there are alot of Americans who are part of their growth process. We could not have been treated more hospitably by Brussels Airline. The picture is of the ice cream bar they passed out to each passenger between meals. I did not see one person turn down the ice cream! What a treat to see an airplane full of grown ups so happy! Perhaps the airline realized the world we were traveling to....
Whatever the reason, I'm looking forward to my ice cream on the flight home!
I will post as I can. Internet access is hard to come by and pictures take forever to upload. But I want to share as much of Africa with you as I can. So stayed tuned in....tomorrow begins our stay in Kigali, Rwanda.

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  1. I have devoured every word and am waiting for more. Thanks for te Faaacebook message. Get some sleep~