Thursday, May 19, 2011

Our Evening Adventure

There are no pictures of this adventure, so you will have to use your imagination. Several of us walked to the market this evening. The market is a bazaar, a little like the River Market in Little Rock. It is a combination farmer's market, craft fair and yard sale. The fruits and vegetables were vibrantly colorful, most with the dirt from the garden still clinging to them. The batik scarves were brilliant. The "Western-world" clothing being sold looked suspiciously like thrift store items. There were several large piles (2 feet high) of white flour, sitting on tables, waiting to be weighed and purchased. There were Singer treadle sewing machines (like my grandmother used) lined up, with women sewing items to be sold. We were approached by many Rwandans, some who spoke to us in Kinyarwandan (the native language), others who wanted to practice their English on us. Such a large group of "muzungu" (white people) attracted alot of attention, but in a nice, friendly and curious way. What a wonderful way to end our day, being a part of the community we are here to serve.


  1. There's a difference between being a traveler and being a've figured out which is best.

  2. I'm going to enjoy experiencing Africa with you the next 3 weeks. I love the blog!