Friday, May 27, 2011

Thank Goodness for College Students

It's Friday night. Our weekend started with a relaxing afternoon on the porch, then we were joined at dinner by Tojay, Fred and Joel( a Rwandan who earned his Masters at Harding). Afterwards, we headed back to the porch to sing and listen to Tojay play the drums. I'm hoping that the new camera (Thanks Jeff!) captured the performance on video. I am admittedly an amateur and find it much easier to enjoy my travels without a camera in front of me. But in the interest of sharing this fabulous experience, I am stretching my boundaries. This old dog is up for learning some new tricks.
As the singalong died down, several of the college students gathered to head out. Maybe to salsa dance, maybe to the internet cafe. Did I want to go? Well, why not? On the taxi ride over, we got a message that there may be a concert at some restaurant...Do we want to join? Who knows? Life is full of possibilities, these young people remind me. Any choice will be a good one, I am sure.
But for now, we sit in the internet cafe, each of us tied to technology, with a cup in our hand. Relaxing after a challenging week. Rewarding ourselves for a job which we hope has been well done. And tonight, I am grateful for my new young friends for helping me to keep a fresh and exciting perspective on life. 

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  1. If you go salsa dancing I want to see the video. :-)